A Day in the Life of... A Rescue Dog

A Day in the Life of... A Rescue Dog

Hi everyone, my name is Bella. I'm a five year old Dogue De Bordeaux cross and I have now been at Assisi Animal Sanctuary for over 2 years.


Arriving at Assisi

Life in a sanctuary isn't that bad, we are a family here. I came to Assisi very underweight and with very poor health. I was also scared of certain things that I thought I'd never overcome. The staff here made me feel very welcome and I knew from that point I was in good hands. I began my day to day routines the day after my arrival and I liked it a lot! I would get out for big long walks with the staff and volunteers. I never used to get out much in my last home, I always wondered what it was like, and I just love it!


Hey guys, it's me, Bella!


After finding my feet and getting myself comfortable in the sanctuary, I started to get some pains in my tummy and leg. The staff saw how uncomfortable I was and took me on a trip to the vet. We soon discovered I had a swollen hock and was also allergic to a lot of different meats.

The staff immediately reviewed my food and I now have a stable diet that suits me and my tummy. As for my foot, it's now under control with medication and I no longer feel any pain, but now and again I do have an off day. 

I guess you could say I have had a lot of problems since my arrival but I think that has brought me closer to the staff and volunteers asI have bonds with them that I'll never forget. 


A typical day for me

Two years down the line, I think we can all agree I've become the ruler of the dog unit. My day is always full of fun, love and plenty of laughs! The staff arrive around 8am and I'm the first face they see as I'm in Kennel Number 1.

I like to let them know I'm ready for my breakfast so I let out a big HELLO (woof!). Once they make my food I'm the first to be fed. The staff know I don't like taking my medication, so they have to roll them up in a big ball to trick me. I know they do it; I just like the tease them sometimes and eat everything but my meds, it’s a fun game to play! 

After feeding is done, I get to go out to my run! I love going into my run because I know I'm getting a tasty snack! I play a game on the staff before I get to my run though.

Once I get out of my kennel I pretend to run up the hill but then I stop and sometimes sit down or lie down (depends on my mood), I then give the staff my big puppy dog eyes and they know what to do next – my treat please! I play this game the whole way to my run, it's so much fun. I can’t understand why the staff sometimes get a little displeased with me?! 

 Bella smiling

This is my happy face after treats :)


During the day I will have occasional visitors that come in to say hello or just want some Bella love and cuddles. I get out on two walks a day, but it sometimes depend on the weather. When I go on my walks I meet all kinds of people and boy do they love me! I love getting all the attention because I never used to receive it. Once my walks over I go back into my nice, cosy, clean bed in my kennel. The staff do a great job at cleaning my kennel and making up my lovely messy bed. 

By this time the staff's day is nearly over and they have to go home to their own puppers. They always make sure they say their goodbyes to us all. They tell us how much they love us and blow us big kisses. They always say how much they want to take us home and we know they would if they could. I don't worry though because I know I’ll get to see them tomorrow! So until then I will play with my soft fluffy toys, eat up all my dinner, watch the sun go down and then when it's time, I'll curl up into bed and dream of what tomorrow will bring.


 If you want to learn more about Assisi Animal Sanctuary, you can visit their website at https://www.assisi-ni.org/.