A Day in the Life of... Bramble

A Day in the Life of... Bramble

The latest blog in our “A Day in the Life…” series is incredibly special.

We have our very first guest blogger in the form of Bramble the cat!

Bramble’s mum Deborah, works here at Naturo as Technical Manager, helping to make sure Bramble and indeed all of her four legged friends get the best and most nutritious food possible. Take it away Bramble.... 


''Hi Everyone,  

I was found almost 7 years ago, at only a few months oldin the old briar. My sister, Shadow, who has since passed away, was with me of course, as she always was! 

Getting used to being handled by our new human family was hard, it was very strange to us. Although, it was definitely a lot easier for me, I was much more laid back and was happy to lie back and enjoy the cuddles! Shadow, on the other hand, well, she was a little more feisty! Our human family were so kind to us; we were fed and watered well, had comfy, cosy shelter and got lots and lots of cuddles! I couldn’t complain. 

Baby Bramble

A completely adorable baby picture of me - don't you agree?


Our new family already had a dog Holly; we became great friends! One day, I decided to go exploring for a few days and when I got back I was bombarded with kisses and cuddles, not only from the humans, but Holly too!! To this day, I’m still not sure what the big deal was!  

Fast forward a few years... Holly went to Heaven, as apparently all dogs do? My human family decided to get another puppy, Milly, a Collie x Golden Retriever.  We were introduced gradually, we now like playing chase together, she protects me and chases any wild cats away for me. She’s like my big, little sister. 

About 9 months ago, our family grew even more when my human family found more farm kittens and adopted them (Cinders, Milo and Stitch).  We were placed in a room together and left to it...I was a bit grumpy about the situation at the start and would have hissed at them, however I was told it was ok and that the humans still loved me too and to stop being so grumpyI’ve adjusted and have kind of got used to having them around now, as long as they know I’m still the boss! Stitch and I even go hunting together now! Who would have thought?!

 Bramble on the armchair

I think my human bought this armchair for themselves, but it is mine now.


I’m definitely the human’s favourite pet, I even have my own seat as you can see above. Although, my most favourite thing to do is to curl up on mummy's knee and get my belly rubbed.   

I am very thankful that my human Mummy Deborah works at Naturo as I get loads of lovely food.    

Lots of Love, 

Bramble x"


As you can see, human mummy Deborah, has her hands full with her pets. She always makes sure to give each of them lots of attention, at the same time as much as possible, to aid a calmer environment for her pets. Although, from Bramble’s blog we definitely think Deborah might be guilty of having a favourite!!  

“A Day in the Life….” continues next week when we meet Sales Executive, Hayley and learn about life with her pets