A Day in the Life of... The Fab 5: Bringing Brandy Home

A Day in the Life of... The Fab 5: Bringing Brandy Home

The second part of Sales Executive Hayley's series of A Day in the Life focuses on Brandy, their beloved family Rotweiller. Hayley helps to dispel misconceptions and tips on caring for the breed. 

As I mentioned in Part 1, my dad always wanted a Rottweiler growing up, so on July 27th 2017 we took Brandy home from a local breeder. We had previously met his mum and dad and met him twice, so we were all thrilled to finally bring him to his new home with us.

Bbay Brandy

How adorable is Baby Brandy?!

Unfortunately like many breeds, Rottweilers get a lot of bad press. Most of it is entirely false and based on assumptions. Of course a Rottweiler can be dangerous and aggressive, but so can any dog if raised badly, abused, or mistreated. Rottweilers are highly intelligent, so if they are taught to be an aggressive, scary guard dog, then there is real threat. But by nature they are friendly, affectionate, and loyal animals. I recently read an article on dogs most likely to bite a human and the Rottweiler didn’t even make the top 10! In saying that from day one my dad insisted he wanted Brandy to be part of the family and wanted to keep him very social. If a dog is not socialised well and trained to bark at strangers, paired with being shown little love and affection, they may end up very aggressive.

There were some points that were important for us to consider before choosing a Rottweiler. Having very little knowledge on the breed and with the not so nice reputation linked, it was vital we did our homework!

Informed choosing of the breed

We did a lot of research to determine if a Rottweiler was right for our home. When choosing a breed, it is important to understand the distinct personality traits and breed-specific characteristics. It is also important to understand some breeds will need a lot of training and attention, and cute little puppies like Brandy can turn into very large dogs.

Ensure a lot of early socialisation

It is crucial that a puppy is well socialised and exposed to other people, places, and noises. We introduced Brandy to our other dogs early on and let them play together which really helped him. It is important for a new dog to understand its place in the ‘pack’. Having adopted Jasper who you might remember we found in a park only two months earlier, we found a great help with him being a new addition as well. Brandy followed Jasper around and copied him which helped in training. We also introduced him to other family members who visited, including children. Even the postman got to say hello. As I said earlier, my dad wanted a four legged family member, not a guard dog.

Brandy exercisingExcerise is so important for a healthy dog - sunshine or snow! 


Rottweilers are large dogs and require a lot of exercise to release energy and to stay healthy. If your lifestyle cannot accommodate this, it's best to rethink your choice of breed. They are also highly intelligent animals and it is good to keep their mind stimulated and active. We taught Brandy tricks from early on and he give his paw after only being with us for 3 days! We also found toys that would stimulate him for when we were not around.


It is important to give your puppy/dog a high-quality food. Luckily for Brandy I knew just what he would love. Brandy thrives on a mix of Naturo wet & dry food. His coat is always shining, and his health is excellent. With a lot of exercise and yummy nutritious Naturo he is a very happy dog!

Brandy and HayleyWho's a good boy?!


Training a puppy is an ongoing commitment that you need carry out every day. Patience is key! You will have more success if you start with them young. As previously mentioned, we taught Brandy to give his paw on the third day we had him. Rottweilers are known for being obedient and loyal and they want to make you happy. Training by reward worked will with Brandy. It is very important to be patient and remember yelling and getting frustrated will only cause your pup to be fearful, confused and even discourage them from the learning the command altogether.


Thankfully grooming a Rotweiller isn't nearly as time consuming or complicated as other breeds, but it is still essential. It is important the coat is kept free of dead hair and matting. It is also important to check ears, eyes and teeth to ensure everything looks clean and healthy.

Yep, there's more...  

It goes without saying there is an endless list when considering any breed, but it is important to take your time and understand that this is a commitment that will last over a decade. Our dogs have only enhanced our lives and bring so much happiness into our home.

I hope you enjoyed this and take some tips on your pawrenting journey.

Until next time Hayley & Brandy xx

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