How to keep your house cat happy

How to keep your house cat happy

Naturally active and inquisitive, it is important to ensure that if you choose to have a house cat, they are appropriately stimulated and kept happy. Cats who are outdoors have the benefit of exploring their surroundings, climbing, and socializing with other animals in their area.

An indoor environment can become boring for a cat, and this is why they would naturally want to try and get outside to see new space. It is important to note that having an indoor cat requires a lot more time and effort to make sure their mental and physical health is maintained.

We have pulled together some tips on keeping your cat active, stimulated, and happy if they stay indoors.


The Essentials

  • For your cat’s ‘business,’ it is important that their litter tray is kept clean and changed regularly. It should be in a quiet space where they get some privacy.
  • Fresh, clean water should always be available, and the appropriate amount of food (you can find our cat mousse here).
  • Ensure your cat is appropriately sprayed and neutered. This will remove their urge to escape outside and find a mate, prevent them from spraying in your home
  • There should be plenty of resting spaces for your cat to enjoy – both on ground level but also up high for them to retreat to.

Make time for playtime

Since you (and other members of your household) are the only source of your cat’s socialization, it is important that you make time for them to play and get some exercise.

Change up the toys you use that allow your cat to chase, kick, pounce, and stalk. It is important to switch around toys from time to time to keep them ‘new’.

When you are not there, ensure any toys that might be dangerous (those with strings, etc.) are away from the reach of your cat, and leave out safer toys such as balls to kick and chase. A scratching post is essential if you want to keep your furniture in good shape!

Window watching

Make sure your cat has access to look outside and watch the world go by! Naturally nosey, your cat will be able to watch wildlife and the goings on outside your home safely. Some even decide to install ‘Catios’; an enclosed space where indoor cats can roam around to get some fresh air and watch what is going on outside.


Give me my space – but not too much!

Cats should not be left alone for long periods of the day, this can cause anxiety and stress. It might be worthwhile to investigate a companion kitty to keep each other company

Ensure there is enough space for your cat to roam around; indoor cats should have access to several rooms safely.


We would love to hear any tips you have, or even better, see a picture of your happy house cat!