Christmas Safety Tips for Pets

Christmas Safety Tips for Pets

As we deck the halls and begin to indulge in festivities, it is important to keep the safety of our four-legged family members in mind. We have a few tips below to help with pet safety at Christmas!

If you are concerned that your pet has become unwell for any reason, contact your trusted vet immediately for advice.


Christmas Trees and pets

Whilst the glow of the Christmas tree lights are lovely to look at – some may not be so lovely should they encounter our cat or dog!

  • Pets should always be supervised when around the Christmas tree to prevent any attempts at chewing or playing with the ornaments. If possible, place your tree in an area that is easy to close off should you not be home to supervise.
  • We would advise against hanging edible decorations such as chocolate or candy canes, which are both harmful and potentially deadly to our animals if ingested.
  • For added security, you can anchor your tree to the ceiling with a ceiling hook and a strong material of rope/string.
  • If you opt for a real tree – ensure your water for the tree is not accessible. A toxic sap can formulate in the water from the tree, which can smell attractive to small noses! You can block access by covering the tree stump and water with foil and a sturdy tree skirting.
  • Ensure the wiring for your Christmas lights are out of reach. Electrocution can easily happen if curious mouths were to have a nibble, or intestinal blockage should a bulb look especially tasty – this note goes for your ornaments too!

 Christmas Meme

Decorations, Dogs & Cats

  • Decorations should be placed out of reach from our four-legged family members, who may try and play with our Santa statues and have a snack on our garlands. Intestinal blockage, mouth/throat cuts and other serious injuries can arise from chewing on / knocking over Christmas decorations.
  • Popular plants such as holly, mistletoe and poinsettia can be poisonous if ingested by our four-legged family members. Christmas bouquets containing other toxic flowers and plants such as lilies should be avoided. We would strongly recommend to not have any of these plants or flowers in your home.
  • Beautifully wrapped presents are also potential targets for a nibble. Make sure that these are kept out of reach!

 Christmas tree with dog and cat

Christmas foods for pets to avoid

Festive indulgence may be a bit part of Christmas celebrations for us, but it is extremely important to ensure that these are not ingested by our dogs and cats. Some key foods to keep in mind are

  • Chocolate
  • Mince pies
  • Gravy
  • Alcohol
  • Christmas pudding
  • Bones from meat (choking hazard)

This list is not extensive, and we strongly advise keeping your pet’s regular diet during the festive season. Of course, they can indulge in a Naturo Christmas Dinner for Dogs or Turkey Mousse for Cats to join in the festive meals, safely!

If you want a special treat for them over Christmas, check out our sister brand, Norsh, for raw freeze-dried treats!


Christmas Calm for pets

An exciting time of year for many, excessive noise and activity can cause anxiety for many pets. Be mindful of their mood over Christmas, and ensure they have some warm and quiet to retreat to, should they need their own space.


The most important rule of all is to enjoy Christmas time with your four-legged family members! We would love to see some family pictures over the festive season, please feel free to share on social media channels.