Taking your Dog on a Camping Trip

Taking your Dog on a Camping Trip

Taking your Dog on a Camping Trip

As the weather warms, what better time for a camping trip?  In this blog we’ve collected some tips and advice to help you and your canine companion have an adventure to remember.

Finding the Perfect Location

Whether you’re hiking rocky heights, exploring coastal beaches, or trekking through forests, it’s important to think beyond the campsite.  Researching local amenities will help ensure your best friend will be welcome wherever you go and that you all have plenty to do.

Consider your destination’s typical heat and weather for the time of year, too.  Some parts of the country are naturally hotter than others, so keep in mind how well your dog copes with the heat, or the cold!

Before You Go…

As with many new things, it’s helpful to have a test run if you can.  If you have a garden it’s worth putting the tent up at home so that your furry friend has a chance to get familiar with it.  You could even spend a ‘test night’ out, so you can all get used to this new sleeping arrangement!

It’s important to make sure your dog is fit and healthy before travel.  Book a quick check up at the vet, and also make sure that the information on collar tags and microchips is up to date (including a phone number you will have access to on your trip).

As your furry friend will be exploring exciting new places and potentially meeting lots of new people, brushing up on some basic training will help them to be on their best behaviour.

Plan Your Journey

With the destination set, plan a travel route that will keep everyone comfortable.  Ensure your dog is safe in the car, whether with a seatbelt harness, cage, or dog guard, etc, and allow plenty of time for rest stops.  Generally, a 15-30 minute stop for every 3 hours of travel will keep your canine comfy, but why not break the journey with a longer pause for a picnic and a walk?

Provide Creature Comforts

To make sure your dog enjoys their new adventure, it’s sensible to pack some familiar home comforts.  Bringing familiar bedding for them to sleep on and one or two favourite toys to play with can help reassure your friend that all is well.  It may also be helpful to try and stick to your familiar routine concerning things like mealtimes, as far as possible.

Any camping trip requires plenty of kit, but here are some things to consider when bringing your four-legged friend along:

  • Bring enough dog food to last your trip – Even if you’ll have easy access to shops, bringing it with you will be one less thing to worry about when there. It’s also worth stocking up on poop bags as well!
  • Bring an extra lead – You’ll have your dog’s usual lead, but we’d advise bringing along a spare. Having both a short and an extendable lead will also give you helpful options for crowds and open spaces.
  • Use compact kit for days out – Keeping your dog hydrated and fed is essential, even if you’re out and about for the day. Nowadays it’s easy to find collapsible food and water bowls, and these can save on carry space on a hike.
  • Be prepared for a mess – The great outdoors can be a mucky place, so be sure to have a stock of towels ready for drying off a dirty dog.
  • Consider a tether – It may not be necessary, but consider whether a tether or similar would be helpful if your dog has a tendency to wander.

Wherever your trip takes you, we hope you have a fantastic time with your four-legged friend!