Tips on how to keep your pet healthy

Tips on how to keep your pet healthy

Our pets mean the world to us, they’re often a source of joy in our homes. That’s why we want them to stay as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

Here at Naturo, we have put together these top tips for keeping your pet fit & healthy. This short, but informative blog is a great place for you and your pet to begin a new year of healthy habits!

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No surprises here, but at Naturo, we fully believe the easiest method of ensuring your pet is on the right road to a healthy life is through their diet. Not only can a high-quality diet ensure your pet has a shiny coat but also healthy skin. Naturo natural pet food is designed to promote and boost healthy immune systems in cats and dogs, with specifically chosen ingredients for healthy digestion systems and strong bones and joints. Find more info here on how our natural products can provide your pet with a well-rounded diet promoting a healthy lifestyle.


Like humans, cats and dogs also need to stay active to help them stay healthy and fit. There are many ways you can help your pet stay active, whether it is taking your dog for regular walks or playing fetch. If you have a cat, laser pointer toys/flashlights against a wall are a great way to keep your cat entertained and active or simply letting your cat play with a box can really excite the feline. For more information on exactly how much exercise your pet needs, please contact your vet.

Regular Vet Visits

It’s a known fact that regular trips to the vet can help detect any underlying health issues. We would recommend having at least one appointment a year set up as this can help prevent illness.

Keep on Top of Dental Hygiene

We brush our teeth every morning and night, we try not to have bad breath and we visit the dentist regularly, right? Well, our pet’s dental hygiene is just as important. Having bad dental hygiene can lead to lots of health complications for our pets, like gum diseases, tooth loss, bad breath, gum recession, and many more. To avoid these complications and to keep your pet’s dental hygiene good, your best defense is to get your pet’s teeth professionally cleaned by a veterinarian and brush their teeth daily. If you’ve never brushed your pet’s teeth before, the key is to start off slowly and gradually work your way up to regularly brushing his teeth. (Advice from:

Groom Regularly

Grooming regularly isn’t just to keep our pets looking good, it also helps us keep our pets healthy. Grooming (bathing, trimming, etc.) our pets regularly allows us to check for any lumps, bumps, and skin conditions. 
These are just some of our top tips that can help keep your pet healthier and fitter for longer. If you’d like more advice, we recommend contacting your local vet. However, if you would like more info on the Naturo products and how our natural pet food can help your pet maintain a healthier life, feel free to contact us here.