A Day in the Life of…Leo!

A Day in the Life of…Leo!

We get to know our Placement Student Sales Assistant Toma’s French Bulldog Leo and what a day in his life looks like!

Hi Everyone!

My name is Leo, and I am the handsome French fella in the photo. I am best known as ‘Mr Leonardo’ when I am being extremely bold (barely ever) and will also answer to the fridge door being opened - always!

I moved into Toma’s house when I was 9 weeks old in October 2019 and we have been inseparable ever since. On the day she came to meet me, the first thing I noticed about her were her tangled shoelaces, and being the smart boy I am, ran up to help her and untangled them straight away. She likes to think it was love at first sight but really, I could smell treats in her pocket. When we arrived home, I noticed the big garden, so I got to work straight away…

 French Bulldog sitting outside chewing on a water hose

Here is a pic of me renovating my space or as Toma likes to call it “destroying the hose”

French Bulldog surrounded by stuffing from his bed

The renovations continued inside…


When I was still little, I used to follow Toma and her sister all day. I found it extremely hard when I was left alone for even a short period of time, and occupy myself, I would chew everything I could get my teeth on. But, as I grew older, I found napping more relaxing, so I stopped destroying everything in sight.

I will admit that I am very spoilt, but I am the youngest in the house, so I think it is only fair. My hobbies include morning walks at the park where I chase squirrels and run around with Jess, my best friend (a Hungarian Vizsla) who is the same age as me, so we get on extremely well! Jess likes to grab a stick or a ball and make me chase after her and I love it!

My second favourite hobby is playing hide and seek. Every time I see a pair of shoes, I will grab one and hide it. Toma especially loves to play when she is in a hurry, I think. She runs around the house looking for her shoe, but I never tell her where I hide it which only makes it more fun, wouldn’t you agree?

My favourite part of the day includes dinner time and walkies. Once I fill my tummy with my favourite food, I go for a big walk to the park. I love it when it rains because there are many puddles that I can jump into and get soaked! I think Toma likes it too because when I run towards her with my muddy paws, she laughs and sometimes joins me. After a bath, I cosy up on my armchair and look out the window at all the fast-moving cars – I especially love the noisy ones!

At bedtime, my Grandpawrent puts me to bed and tucks me in. However, I find it very lonely sleeping on my own so sometimes I sneak into Toma’s bed in the middle of the night and snuggle up beside her.


French Bulldog giving his paw

A pic of me being a good boy… to get more treats


To get more of my favourite treats, I give Toma my best puppy eyes - and it works like a charm every time. Along with treats, I get a lot of belly rubs and scratches behind my ears as these are my absolute favourite.

Having grown up into a handsome boy, I remain the centre of attention in the house and I thoroughly enjoy every moment!


Lots of Love,

Leo x