Wag The Dogs Natural Food Challenge

Wag The Dogs Natural Food Challenge

When we first heard that 9 year old Beagle, Maggie, also known as Dame Maggie, had a palate for the finer things in life and was only used to dining on home cooked meals lovingly prepared by her mummy Trina we knew we were in for a challenge!

“I am 9 years old and I consider myself quite wise. I’m active and know the taste of fresh food. I know what I like and don’t like. You can ask anyone, I may be a beagle, but I will turn my nose up on things I don’t like. Now you know why my nickname is Dame Maggie.”

Trina and Maggie from Wag the Dog took on our natural dog food challenge this summer after realising that all the ingredients that go into Naturo’s pet foods were in keeping with their usual meal plans. Trina had also just opened her very first pet shop and needed an easy, less time consuming, healthy alternative for Maggie.

So after 30 days eating only natural dog food what did Trina and most importantly, Maggie, think? No Nasty Ingredients What really stood out for Trina was the lack of rendered meat derivatives, wheat, corn, soya, colours, taste enhancers, preservatives sweeteners or any other nasty bits that you can’t pronounce. Essentially it’s all the goodness of home cooked food without the time and cost of producing it yourself. The Taste Test Both loved that our natural dog food looked like a homemade meatloaf that Trina was so used to making!

“You could see all the ingredients and the texture had a nice chucky feel. All the better to gobble down. And yes I did gobble it down. I was just as happy eating Naturo, so my peep may be out of a job!” The Poo Test Trina wanted to observe what effects our natural dog food had, not only on Maggie’s tastebuds, but also on her overall health and condition.


She kept an eye on four things – 1. How much energy Maggie had 2. Whether her coat was nice and shiny 3. If she experienced any itching 4. Most importantly (for Trina!) that Maggie had nice poos! 30 Days later Maggie loved all the flavours especially the duck and her tail was always wagging away come dinner time! “I am happy and active and most importantly my poos look great. They must look great due to my peep is always picking them up in little bags!”

Would Trina recommend Naturo’s natural dog food? “You bet. In fact we liked it so much we decided to stock it in our shop.”