Natural Pet Food Benefits

Naturo Natural Pet Food was created after we identified the need for a 100% natural pet food that was accessible for all pet parents.

With our dogs and cats being a four-legged family members, we knew the importance of having a healthy, complete meal, without any artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives was to pet parents.

The European Petfood Industry Federation (FEDIAF) states that natural pet foods should only contain components to which nothing has been added and have undergone only processing that maintains their natural composition. FEDIAF allows the use of synthetic vitamins and minerals with an appropriate disclaimer. By choosing natural pet food, pet parents can be reassured that the food does not contain chemical additives. Our Naturo recipes are made with high-quality ingredients, with each ingredient serving a purpose for your pet’s health.

All our meat is processed to the same standard as those used for human consumption.  We do not use inedible and poorly digestible animal products, bulking agents, or synthetic chemicals in our products.

We work closely with leading nutritionists to ensure our formulations specifically meet the nutritional needs of your pet.

The benefits of choosing a high-quality, 100% natural food like Naturo include:

  • Ensuring you are feeding your four-legged family member a nutritionally complete meal without added nasties
  • A healthier, happier pet
  • Peace of mind knowing only real food and real ingredients are used in recipes